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New dates - September 13 to September 25 2025 - OPEN

 Dates – 31st August to 12th Sep 2024 - Closed

Date - 2023 - Closed

Cost approx. - $A4900

The cost will depend on numbers and sleeping arrangements all included.

Inclusions – 3 delicious meals a day, airfares and ferry ride, Accommodation in Rote Island Indonesia, surf spot transfers, many different types of waves to choose from, 2 nights in Kupang, great health benefits, The locals are nice and generally do not surf, good fishing and very few mosquitoes, uncrowded, world-class waves.

 See some photos of Felipe attached at Hanalei Bay and in Rote he is now 80 years old and surfing like a legend and he wants to teach you his secrets to longevity.

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 We might even make a clock or hand board there.

Surf to 100 Adventures Felipe Pomar Kaui Photo Larry Gehrke FeatureFelipe Pomar charging. | Photo: Larry Gehrke

Words by Chris Couve and Felipe Pomar

Meet Felipe Pomar, the 80-year-old surfer from Peru who aims to defy limitations by surfing for a century. Pomar, who was crowned the first, officially recognized, World Surfing Champion in 1965, now lives in Kauai and is inspired by legends like Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern-day surfing and Laird Hamilton who popularized stand up paddle boarding. When Pomar left his native country of Peru at age 19, so began a hero’s journey. His goal was to travel to Hawaii, to find and ride the biggest waves in the world. This represented the ultimate challenge for the greatest of surfers. Since the dawn of this journey, he has been riding Hawaii’s big waves and winning paddle board races for over six decades, and still counting.

Surf to 100 Adventures Felipe Pomar Duke and Felipe MeetPomar meets Duke, who inspired the young Peruvian surfer

During the late fifties and early sixties, Pomar was part of a small group of pioneering surfers who searched the coast of Peru to discover her premier big wave surfing spots. Pomar was among the first to surf the outside reefs on the North Shore of Oahu. From 1965-1975, Pomar ranked 1st or within the top three, in all International big wave competitions, and became a paddle board champion in Hawaii, Peru and Europe.

Blessed with a life full of travel and adventure, Pomar’s mission continues, in the Spirit of Aloha, to be a model of healthy living practices and making a positive difference. He is still ripping up breaks today that would make most young surfers think twice before dropping in. Starboard is supporting Pomar’s ambitions by supplying him with the guns required to keep him surfing until 100 years old.

Surf to 100 Adventures Felipe Pomar SUP Surfing Big Hanalei Break KauaiFelipe Pomar SUP Surfing Big Hanalei Break, Kauai. | Photo via: Felipe Pomar / Starboard

"I mostly feel like an 18 year old with 62 years of experience, which I understand is unusual for a person my age."

Pomar, a stylish regular foot surfer from Lima, Peru, claimed victory in the 1965 World Surfing Championships, establishing himself as one of the dependable big-wave surfers of the 1960s. Born in 1943, he began surfing at 14, winning the Peru International in 1962, 1965, and 1966, and securing second place in 1963 and 1967. He also excelled as a four-time finalist in the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational from 1965 to 1969.

Surf to 100 Adventures Felipe Pomar Big Wave SUP 1600The 80-year-old Peruvian surer is still dropping into bombs today. | Photos via: Felipe Pomar / Starboard

"I decided to learn SUP when I shared a very big day at Hanalei Bay with Laird Hamilton and saw what he could do with a SUP and a paddle."

The fearless Peruvian wants to SUP surf the big Hanalei break (Kauai) on big days, and is in need of a SUP surf gun that is up to the task. In order to realize this dream we’re breaking one of our fundamental rules by building 2 custom Starboard guns for him. All our World Champions ride on production boards — that’s right, you ride what they ride. This is an extraordinary challenge so we have decided to make an exception to breaking our own rule.

Surf to 100 Adventures Felipe Pomar Fearless Charges in KauiFelipe Pomar charges in Kauai | Photo Larry Gehrke

In 2024, Pomar and his wife, Dr Christina Degano (PhD in Natural Medicine), specialising in Quantum Reverse Aging, plan on bringing their ‘Surf Till 100 Adventures’ grand tour to a host of incredible surf destinations including Peru, Costa Rica, Bali, Fiji, and a remote Indonesian surf paradise.

A central piece of the inspiring presentations will be Felipe’s “How to Add Decades to Your Surfing Life” a practical course emphasizing the 80-year-old legend’s champion wellness regime. This combined with Christina’s holistic rejuvenation program will inform and inspire you to start your plan to surf till 100. For more details on said Adventures go to