About Balsawood

Balsawood - Ochroma pyramidale

“The word ‘balsa’ is Spanish, “It means ‘raft’, and it refers to its excellent flotation qualities. Although one of the lightest woods in the world, balsa is technically a ‘hardwood’ since the trees belong to the angiosperm ( a plant of a large group that comprises those that have flowers and produce seeds enclosed within a carpel) not gymnosperm, group. Balsa wood has an air dry density of only 80 Kg/m3 upto max150kg/m3 (Rileys balsa) whereas oak is 700 Kg/m3 and Paulownia 250kg/m3.

Because it is low-density but high in strength, balsa is a very popular material for light, stiff structures in model bridge tests, model buildings, and for the construction of model aircraft; all grades are usable for airworthy control line and radio-controlled aircraft varieties of the modelling sports, with the lightest "contest grades" especially valuable for free flight model aircraft. However, it also is valued as a component of full-sized light wooden airplanes, most notably the World War II de Havilland Mosquito.

Riley uses only light balsa in large section sizes for his surfboards and any other application that balsa is suited to.

They custom cut and laminate to suit all customers needs and can deliver to all corners of the globe.

For all your special requirements email mark@riley.com.au