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Where can I buy Balsa?

Here is a list of places you can buy either large sections of balsa or balsawood surfboards or blanks using the Riley balsa or Riley surf accessories. Ring them and ask them what they stock and save on your freight.

Click on the links below to view more on balsa at these locations

Burford Reinforced Plastics - Currumbin

Surfing Green - Brisbane

Bennett Surfboards - Manly

Dion Blanks - Brookvale

Dick Van Straalen - Gold Coast

Mitchell Ray – Outer Islands Surfboards - Urunga

Bob McTavish - Byron Bay

Nathaniel Grey - Bondi

Shapers Australia - Currumbin

Noosa Longboards - Noosa

Anagote Timbers - Marrickville

Bruce Montgomery - Perth

Dripping Wet Surfshop - Bondi and Narrabeen

Paulownia Paradise - Port Phillip

Deluxe Industries Board Company - New Zealand

Woodappeal - Brookvale

Bushrat Surfboards - Ulladulla

Southcoast Longboards - Torquay VIC 3228

Murfs Surfshop

Annesley Surfboards

Ron Goddard Surfboards

Zac Surfboards - Thornbury VIC 3071

James Crisp


Bob Brown Surfboards - Forster

Outer reef Surfboards

Trigger Brothers - Frankston VIC 3199

Sadhana Surfboards - NZ

Surfline Surfboards - NZ


Weapon Surfboards - Brookvale

Southcoast Foam and Fibreglass

Jersey Homegrown - Surfboards and Ocean Craft

Bywater Design - Qld

Mair Surfboards - Hawaii

Jungle Surf - Forster

Carabine Surfboards - Wollongong

Pieter Surfboards - Newcastle

Surfblanks Australia - Brookvale

PKL Timber Surfboards - Sunshine Coast

GWS Wooden Surfboards - Wollongong

Hobie Surfboards - USA

Adrianne Dimitrakakis from Atlas The Collective - Byron Bay

Native Kneeboards

Mathew Manners - Margret River - WA

Tomas Oberst kadgien - Chile

Roy - Peru

Set Builders and Designers that use only Riley balsa –

Fox Films Australia 
Maxim Sets
Wild Sets
CB Productions
Yippee Ki-Ya
Southern Star Productions
Concord TV Productions

RMIT Racing team car chassis