Sharkbanz 2 Shark deterrent for wrist or ankle


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 Former Navy SEAL captain and trainer, Ivan Trent, shares his experience and appreciation for Sharkbanz after an encounter with one of the worlds deadliest sharks! 

"While free-diving the FL Keys, a sizable Bull Shark approached me from below rather deliberately (to say the least). As I maintained a slow hovering kick he veered off right about about 2-3 yards from my left fin (where I placed my Sharkbanz on my ankle) and swiftly darted away. I am VERY GRATEFUL and want to say, THANK YOU! Life saving product."

- Ivan Trent, Son of Buzzy Trent, Former Navy SEAL -- VA Beach (USA

Featuring our Sharkbanz 2 technology and secure clasp system, the new Azure color was inspired by one of our favorite ocean hues and from feedback by you! Provides peace of mind in the water and on the beach. Weighing only 3 ounces, it feels just like a watch. One size fits ankles and wrists between 5.5 to 14 inches (14 to 35.5 cm).  To see the technology in action click here. 

Did you know? Sharkbanz continues to donate 3% of profits to shark and ocean conservation groups with targeted efforts to pass legislation and affects measurable, positive change in our world's oceans. We like our toothy aquatic neighbors, but just prefer they keep their distance.



On the 17th of October 2014, I was attacked by a 5 foot Bronze Whaler Shark whilst surfing at Avoca beach in Sydney. The shark bit into my foot twice, both times puncturing my skin and causing serious damage to my lower leg. After some time in the hospital and lengthy rehab sessions, I finally regained the strength to be physically fit to go surfing, but there was one issue. Mentally, I wasn't strong enough. This took a huge psychological toll on me.  Surfing is my passion, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to convince myself to take the next step and get back into the water. In early November 2014, Sharkbanz approached me with a revolutionary product that they believed would help me take that next step. Sharks are naturally curious about people, and with more and more people swimming and surfing in the ocean, encounters are becoming more common. With a Sharkbanz on your wrist or ankle, the gadget's magnetic field will repel sharks that get too close.  Sharkbanz have not only helped me gain the courage to get back in the water, but also made me a mentally stronger and more resilient surfer. Since my signing with Sharkbanz, I have gone on to win the under 14 Australian title in surfing, the under 18 Subway Summer Surf series, and The Teenage Rampage. I don't think it would have been possible for me to be surfing again as soon as I did without the help of Sharkbanz. 


Hi guys just to let you know that I had a very close encounter with a shark yesterday.  I had just speared a king fish on an isolated offshore reef and was ascending from 12m in murky waters.  As soon as I got to the surface, a 3m bronze whaler approached me at speed.  When it got to my fin, it did a 90 degree turn and I never saw it again.  I pulled the fish in and there was no bite out of it so it must have got spooked! He (she) only came back after about 20mins, as we continued to fish for a while.  This is how I identified his size and the species type. Back on the boat it started circling us so I got a good look at it.  I've had a few shark encounters over the years...nothing this close!  The crazy coincidence is that I only bought the Sharkbanz that morning! Won't be going back to those spots without it now!


Sharkbanz are an easy way to add peace of mind to the everyday ocean swim, surf, or snorkel, but make no mistake: the science is real. We enlisted the services of renowned shark experts, chemist Dr. Eric Stroud and marine biologist Dr. Patrick Rice. The two scientists founded Shark Defense almost 15 years ago, and are now the leading researchers in shark repellent technology. 

Sharkbanz use special patented magnetic technology to deter sharks from attacking people. Most shark attacks occur in murky, shallow waters off the coast where there are a high number of swimmers and sharks sharing the same space. In this environment, sharks rely heavily on their electro-receptors instead of their eyes to “see” what’s around them. They possess the most sensitive electro-magnetic sense of all known animals, and use it to judge distance, shape, and even the heart rate of other animals near them. Most of the time, sharks get it right and leave people alone. Occasionally, they don't. Sometimes when relying on their electro-receptors, a curious shark may bite a person in order to figure out what he or she is. These unprovoked “hit and run” attacks are the most common type, and Sharkbanz are an excellent defense against them. As the shark approaches a person wearing Sharkbanz, magnetic waves coming from the band disrupt its electro-receptors and it quickly turns away. The experience for the shark is, “like a person suddenly shining a very bright light in your eyes in a dark room, and it's not pleasant”, according to Dr. Stroud.  Once a shark comes near the band, it frequently leaves the area and does not return. To see video of some of our tests, click here.

For years, we sat on our surfboards in murky water, wondering what lurked below. We dove reefs and swam helplessly next to 10 foot sand tiger sharks, hoping for the best. The ocean remains the last frontier on our planet, but we couldn’t believe that in the 21st century, no user-friendly solution existed to help ease our mind. After a particularly spooky day of nervous laughter and conversations about the weather to avoid the pointy subject, we decided to do something about it.

After three years of testing, design, development, head scratching, wiping the slate clean, more testing, and close encounters with our toothy amigos, we’re proud to present the first version of Sharkbanz. Throughout the whole process, we were committed to three principles that make this product right for just about anyone: simplicity, style, and affordability. Whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, this is the solution for peace of mind.

e seven seas.

We intend to do more than just protect people with our Banz. 

Our company pledges to donate a percentage of profits to ocean conservation groups with targeted efforts to pass legislation and affect measurable, positive change on our worlds oceans. You can rest assured that with every Sharkbanz purchase, another sea turtle, dolphin, or shark will be safe from harm. We like our toothy aquatic neighbors, but just prefer they keep their distance.

The Modom Shark Leash featuring Sharkbanz Technology combines the power and simplicity of our magnetic repellent with the style and quality of Modom's products to create a shark deterrent so convenient, you'll forget you're wearing anything different. 


  • Sharkbanz Magnetic Tech
  • Interchangeable connector
  • Standard 6' Cord
  • Modom Leash String
  • Modom Fin Key
  • Ultra Strong Velcro Cuff - Holds Tight in All Conditions
  • Smooth Rotating Anti-Rust Swivels
  • Detachable Rail Saver
  • Internal Key Pocket
  • Internal Print

Sharkbanz Wearable Magnetic Shark Deterrent Wins Popular Science Best of What’s New Award in Recreation Category

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 November, 2016 - Sharkbanz announced that the Sharkbanz wearable shark deterrent band has won a Popular Science Best of What’s New Award in the Recreation Category. Sharkbanz is worn on the wrist or ankle and requires no batteries or charging.
Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology creates an electromagnetic field that interferes with a shark’s electrical sense. This interference reduces the risk of attack by causing inquisitive sharks to flee. The unpleasant experience for the shark is similar to that of a person in a dark room shining a very bright light in another person’s eyes. It’s important to note that Sharkbanz technology does not harm the shark or other nearby marine life.
Sharkbanz technology is aimed at repelling hit-and-run shark attacks, the most common type of incident occurring when a curious shark strikes at a human in order to determine if they are prey. Sharkbanz is the first wearable deterrent captured on video successfully preventing a Bull Shark encounter. Visit to view the technology in action series.
Each year, Popular Science reviews thousands of new products and innovations and chooses the top 100 winners across 10 categories for inclusion in their annual Best of What’s New issue. To win an award, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category.  All of the winners have been featured in Popular Science Magazine November/December special issue.
“The Best of What’s New awards honor the innovations that shape the future,” says Kevin Gray, Executive Editor, Popular Science.  "From life-saving technology to incredible space engineering to gadgets that are just breathtakingly cool, this is the best of what’s new."

Story in USA TODAY


Want to give your father something that could literally save his life? If he spends lots of time on the beach, the Sharkbanz band will give both of you some peace of mind when he’s out conquering the waves. This sleek little wearable straps to Dad’s ankle or wrist when he’s out swimming, surfing or snorkeling, and, according to the company, emits magnetic waves that scare sharks away. The patented technology requires no battery or charging, and has a whole lot of proven research to back it up. It’s like a big “this isn’t food” sign for sharks, and Dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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