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Second hand and New stock boards

Board 1. This surfboard is brand new. It has never been used. This 9-foot classic balsa beauty was created and hand-built by Mark RILEY for the American market.  This is the first Riley board to be built for the US market since Mark started building balsa boards in 1996.

 "The Beauty in Imperfection: Embracing the Unique Qualities of Handmade Boards"

The sensation of gliding through the water with a wooden surfboard is truly unique and cannot be replicated by any other material. The natural beauty and organic connection to the environment make handmade boards crafted from sustainable materials a top choice for surfers looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Riley Australia has been creating these works of art for over 25 years. This class act includes 5 Australian redwood stringers with matching cedar balsa combination blocks to finish off the nose and tail with exquisite workmanship.

This board is built using a recyclable polystyrene core that gives the 6kg feel to this remarkable board to either surf it or hang it in your loungeroom or office.

The board has been signed and numbered No. 1 by Mark for surfers or collectors in the USA.

The matching wood-coloured fin box gives you the flexibility to change your fin when it suits you. It comes with a hand-foiled balsa and cedar laminated fin that shines and sparkles just like the board.

Mark Riley worked on this board for countless hours, blending balsa from South America and PNG with Australian red cedar stringers. Shaped to classic Hawaiian templates, at 9’0” x 19” x 3” it’s a proven big-wave plan shape and rocker and will go like the clappers. This gun is a one-off and a labour of love for Mark and is most definitely in the collectors’ category. “In our 25 years of building Riley Balsawood Surfboards this is the first of its kind for the USA,” says Mark. “It was built with passion and solely by hand. Laid up with custom redwood/balsa nose and tail blocks, it has 7 stringers using gorgeous deep red Aussie cedar. Yes, gorgeous! It’s fitted with a hand-made 1 off 7” gun shape cedar/balsa fin with the sunrise and wave design.

Felipe Pomar (World Champ big wave surfer) says “That is a bloody awesome shape! My 1st board was a balsa wood board. I loved it!. Since then I have had a few others. I have loved them all. They have a classic look! They have a special feel. They are the real deal!

It comes with handmade timber wall racks and a signed Framed Photograph of Mark and the board.

It also comes with electronic photos of the board being made.

Board 2. 5'10 polyurethane foam blank shortboard. Thruster fit set up with FCS fin boxes (no fins). 1 stringer. Condition: unused. Rounded square tail shape. Weight of board: 3.5kg. Made in November 2006. Types of waves most suited: medium. Size of person most suited: medium build. Experience of person suited: intermediate. 

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