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Second hand and New stock boards

Board 1. 6'6 1/2" balsa short board second hand. Thruster fin setup with stuck on fins.

Has been repaired. Foam core

Board 2. 5'10 polyurethane foam blank shortboard. Thruster fit set up with FCS fin boxes (no fins). 1 stringer. Condition: unused. Rounded square tail shape. Weight of board: 3.5kg. Made in November 2006. Types of waves most suited: medium. Size of person most suited: medium build. Experience of person suited: intermediate. 

Board 3. 8'0 Classic balsa solid longboard. Single "D" fin set up with rounded square tail shape. 3 stringers. Condition: good. Best suited for small waves. Size of person most suited for: adult. Intermediate level of experience. Made in February 2013. Board number 622. Weight of board: approximately 10kg.


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