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Hand made timber board racks and stands

$95.00 $340.00

These beautifully, hand made racks fit any board from shortboard to longboard.

We offer:

- single
- double or
- triple (or even more) surfboard racks.

The boards will sit almost vertical against the wall.

Quality guaranteed - Handmade in Australia

You can choose from the Solid Rack for a vertical free standing ply wood with aluminium look.

 The SOLID Freestanding Vertical Mal Display Rack is a modification of the original SOLID Surfboard Vertical Display Rack. Serving the same purpose as its short-board counterpart, the Mal Display is a larger version that accommodates varying sizes of mals and longboards.

Specifically designed for longer, taller boards, the SOLID Freestanding Vertical Mal Display has extended arms to grab the board further up its rails for added security together with a SOLID extension of the padded base support to ensure the tail doesn't come into contact with the ground.

If your ceiling is high enough to take your mal vertically, this is the SOLID RACK for you! Ideal for surf retail outlets wishing to display their most precious eye catching and collectable longboards.


Dimensions: 1200mm H x 740mm W x 490 D (Assembled)
Material: Clear Lacquered Plywood, Aluminium & Foam

Or the wall mounted timber racks to take 1 or 3 boards.



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