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Tide and Time balsa surfboard clock

Have you ever wondered if it is high tide or low tide or how many hours past or before the tide it is? Of course, so you go and buy a paper?

Well not anymore because you only have to look at the Riley time and tide classic longboard clock.

Australian made clock face.

The mechanisms in the picture are from the top:

Clock, Hygrometer, Tide Clock, Barometer, Thermometer

Each mechanism is $40.

Each board is individually hand shaped like a full sized board and polished.

Every board is unique and made in Australia.

Please specify which mechanisms you exactly want then ordering more than one mechanism: simply write an email to

Logos can be added.

Size of the surfboard: 910mmx250mm

Takes "AA" or LR6 Alkaline Battery.

Movement supplied with 40mm Red Tide Marker.

"Euro Shaft" Design clock face

"Takane" Quartz

Any surfboard shape is possible because they are hand shaped in Australia and glassed.

You can choose from a classic to a traditional to a modern longboard or even a gun.

 Build your own balsawood surfboard clock

 Want to build something new, different and useful? What about a balsawood fish clock?

 These unique pieces of handcrafted art can be hung horizontal or vertical.

 You could even build a stand for it to put on your desk.

 All build materials included and extra items if you want to really wow your brother for his next birthday

  • Items included are - 
    • Balsawood
    • PVA Glue and brush
    • Templates
    • Instruction sheet
    • 2 Logos
    • 2 Hanging hooks
    • Small Clock face and mechanism
    • Sanding block
    • Sandpaper
    • Pen


  • added extras to give it that extra punch   

    • Paint brush - $5
    • Polyurethane or stain or varnish or polyester resin - $10
    • Super glue - $5
    • Tools - block plane $25
    • Polish - $5
    • Nose and tail blocks - $10
    • Stringers - $10 each
    • Fin -$10 each


Customer Reviews

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I have always admired your boards

Hi Mark ,
It's the hubby Chris , I received my surfboard with gauges today , wow how beautiful it is , thank you and your team for getting this to me b4 xmas , love your work .
I have always admired your boards and think they are great , and had a serious look at your boards before I ordered my own from a local shaper in Newcastle ( not a balsa board ), so just wanted to say thank you again and will
pass on any interests from others ,


Your welcome Chris – thanks for the message and the complements