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Rail saver pro tape for SUPs, Nipper and race Mals

Rail saver pro

Save your nose and tail, get a longer life out of your boards by adding rail tail to any surfboard

Puka rail DIY Kit

Pricing for 1200mm or 4 ft

or 2000mm

or 2700mm

or we can custom cut - just send an email to

High Impact

Only 0.4mm thickness

1 7/8" wide (45mm)

For instructions on how to apply watch the following video for a nipper board tail:

How to apply SUP tape -

Can be installed for $20 per board on new boards. 

The Puka Patch Railsaver PRO prevents paddle scrapes and scratches on your SUP! So Amazing! 2 per pack: 1-7/8″ by 7'. Each Railsaver PRO Kit includes a  Railsaver PRO also available in bulk.

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