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Kits to DIY Foam core balsa blanks

This is a kit that you can build your own with a  recycled polystyrene foam blanks have a 3mm balsa skin over them. The foam has a rocker cut. 

Without doubt the second most popular blank in our range (after the solid Malibus) the fish blank is perfect if you are after a retro feel in & out of the water.

These can be supplied in any shape to suit your board.

Short boards


Mini mal

Malibu/ Longboards


Stand ups

Whats included in your kit 

Recycled EPS foam blank cut with rocker curves

2 sheets of 2.8mm laminated balsa sheets x 500mmx length– for deck and bottom.

4 lengths of 6mm thick solid balsa bands for rails

Perfecto glue for balsa and foam with instructions

Solid balsa tail and nose blocks

Balsa coloured putty

100 and 60 grit sand paper

Large and small balsa sanding blocks

Tape for bands and nose and tail blocks

Vacuum bag

3 Glue scrapers

DVD. Building a foam core balsa board

Surf Magazines

Vented leash plug with instructions and epoxy putty and resin foam tape dams

Pen for marking balsa

Dust mask

texta for foam

Balsa block for fin box prior to deck and bottom glue up



 We still have one more sanding to do--- but this is the finished board.

Your wood is amazing. Thank you.

 We used some redwood for the nose and tail.

 I shot the photo after dark, when we finished, sorry about the lighting.

 We appreciate all your efforts to help us. 

 We never would have gotten there without your clear, detailed DVD, your patience with our questions and perfect wood.

Thank you,

Scott Marshall

1407 Flintridge Rd

West lake Hills, Texas