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Balsa and Cedar Stringers


 Balsa and Cedar stringers can be supplied in many different forms and lengths.

We have listed the most common setups below, but if you wanted something special just send an email to

The width of the stringers normally is 1" or 25mm and 2" - 50mm and 3" - 75mm.

The balsa looks really cool with 2 cedar stringers 1/8" or 3mm either side against a polyurethane blank or polystyrene blank.

These stringers can be supplied either 160mm wide so you can draw your own rocker on it and cut it or you can give us a rocker templete or I can use one of mine and cut it for you so it's ready to glue up.

Some Manufacturers of polyurethane blanks that use Riley balsa and cedar stringers are

Dion blanks

Bennett Surfboards

Surfblanks Australia