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Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape

Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
Versa Traction clear DECK grip tape
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Versa Traction clear stick on DECK grip tape for any surfboard or slippery deck of any surf/water craft.

Peel ‘n’ Stick Clear Traction Grip Great for Surfboards, SUP’s, Wake Skates and more.

Made from a patent-pending textured space-aged composite surface.

It is engineered to provide outstanding anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions.

All sections can be trimmed to fit if necessary with scissors.

There is now no need to put toxic wax on your boards and mess up your board bags and have wax melt all over your precious car.

Clear Grp kits come with a non-residual adhesive that leaves no residue behind when removed.

Install your self.

Pre diecut shapes and templates

Over 15,000 kits sold worldwide!!!

Testimonial -  

I received my new board Friday so finally got to try the VersaTraction.

 It was a little daunting / time consuming putting on (needed trimming) and disconcerting that it's not grippy when dry but wow it worked a treat in the surf. I found it a little slippery under my chest when paddling (wearing a wetsuit, I am sure I will get used it) but underfoot (barefoot) I didn’t even think about the grip, absolutely no slipping when riding and easy to adjust feet. Pop up and grip, just like with wax. Its magic and I am a convert.

 So nice not to have to worry about waxing. And a clean board bag with an easy to remove the board.

Thanks Nic

This will also save you money and keep your board looking great.

Now available for short boards, longboards, stand ups , fishes, mini mals, SUPS etc etc.

Can be used for boat decks also.

Can be removed easily.

These are so thin (maybe 1mm) will not create any drag in the water and lighter than wax.

Paddle grips are 80mm wide - you can split these down the middle and use as rail tape for your stand up board.

Diamond embossed clear grip traction. Traction increases when wet!

Packs can be split if required

Replacement pieces are also available

Features -

Is not black foam so is not going to get hot to stand on in the sun

Waxless surfboard traction

No Rash

Clear grip tape - see your designs

Replaces wax

Does not rip your wetsuit or skin

Wax may still be applied

Hot water or air temperature will not affect this

No melting wax

No dirty board bags

No need to buy EXPENSIVE TOXIC wax - environmentally friendly

Lighter than heavy wax build up

No sand sticking to your wax

Protection of your board fewer deck dents

No lumpy wax sections

Cheaper than wax

Lighter than wax

Durable, reliable every time and anywhere around the world

2-year warranty and 1-year adhesive warranty

 You must make sure your board is clean and dry before adhering your traction pads

 Used By Pro Surfer Sunny Garcia and Chris McCormack Hawaiian Iron Man Champion 2 times and Mark Riley

Free Sticker

Most shapes are instock and sent out next day.

Another option is to use the hex shapes at $4

Questions from a customers 

Sorry about this general one – having never used it and I am in Adelaide so can’t visit your shop to see…

What do you think of the grip? Is it a good/viable alternative to wax? Does it work ok both in boardies and also in a wetsuit? How about bare feet or with booties?yes yes yes and yes

 What size would you recommend for this 7’0” board (see shape attached)? The $99 fun board / mini mal kit?yes

I will probably add a normal tail pad, and its not a nose rider, but happy to have a bit of extra versatraction in case needed.good

How long do they generally last for? Indefinitely like a tail paid or do they have a shorter lifespan?

 yes is long lasting like a pad – but a lot thinner and lighter than a tail pad. I have been using for 5 years and still good.

Down the track, is it easy to remove the versatraction and any residue?

If you want to take off you can with a strong pull and a clean with mineral turps.

This is Alberto, from Spain. I bought a clear deck grip to test it one year ago. It was to use it on a mini mal and I’m very happy with it.

Some people and surf schools were testing them and now I would like to use it in a faster board, so I am thinking to order a set for my fish board 6,1”.

The problem is that I can’t understand the shipping cost, sometimes are 16€ and another times are 24€. Is there any place in Europe in which we can buy them and save some money? Is there any discount because they will be my second order?

In Spain there are similar grip, Hexa traction, but yours are much better and I’m sure that you can sell a lot of grips here, but people must see and try them.

Some surf schools are very interested in your grips, so send me information from your products with my order, if we can finally have a deal, to give them.

Dear Sir, thanks for the compliments on our product. Yes, I can discount for multi purchases, everything is shipped from Australia. Your second pack is half price for shipping and your third is also. Thanks, Mark Riley - Riley Balsawood Surfboards online.

Come and try one now - delivered anywhere around the world.



Here are the sizes – these can be trimmed with scissors or Stanley knife – they would normally have a spacing of 1/8” or 3mm up to ½” or 12mm see the attached diagrams.

Fish – Actual sizing of grip - length 1800mm or 5’11” Width 505mm or 20”

Maximum size board - length 2100mm or 7’0” Width 570mm or 22 ¾ ”

Fun board/Mini mal - Actual sizing of grip - length 2350mm or 7’9” Width 520mm or 20 ½ ”

Maximum size board - length 2575mm or 8’7” Width 585mm or 23 ¼ ”

Short board – needs a tail pad maybe an enviro cork one 

Actual sizing of grip - length 1030mm or 40 ½ ” (centre) length 1170mm or 42 ” (outside near rail) Width 470mm or 18 ½ ”

Maximum size board - length 2250mm or 7’6” Width 535mm or 21 ¼ ”

Longboard -  Actual sizing of grip - length 2200mm or 8'6 ½” (centre) Width 560mm or 22”

Maximum size board - length 2700mm or 9’0” Width 590mm or 23”

So the nose length is 22” or 560

2nd section 15” or 380mm

3rd section 23” or 590mm

Tail section 26” or 670mm

Stand – up paddle grip -  Actual sizing of grip - length 210mm or 8 ½” Width 80mm or 3 1/4” - cost is $10

suitable to protect the rail of your paddle board also

SUP 10ft Kit (10pc)
110.5" - 2762mmx26" - 650mm(LxW) piece-to-piece 
Peel n’ Stick Diy Kit

SUP 12Ft kit - 12 pieces120.5"- 3012mm x26" - 650mm (LxW) piece-to-piece 

Stand Up Nose Kit - There are 4 pieces - each piece is 500mm long - so full length from nose to end parallel with stringers is 1m and the width goes from a point on the nose to 300mm each - so overall width is 600mm





Riley Balsawood Surf Boards bodhitreesurf - Stoked with my delivery of versatraction clear deck grip from Mark @rileybalsasurfboards for my family paddleboard. I get my little fella to decorate all my boards so even when I'm not with him he is with me. Thanks, Mark and thanks for slipping in the copy of @smorgasboarder Yeeeeew

Pick up Miranda 2228

Australian shipping $20

Europe shipping $45

Rest of the world shipping $35


Soften it up in the sun or with some warm water and scrape it off with a plastic flat wax comb (or piece of balsa) and then wipe it off with a rag and mineral turps and clean up with a soft clean dry t-shirt.


When applying, I found it best to start from the stringer (get someone to help you – with clean dry hands) - position the grip up to the location you want then working your way outwards towards the rails (preventing air pockets along the way). This I found to be best (better than horizontal - down the board application) for a bilateral symmetrical placement either side of the stringer. Also don't hold onto the adhesive for too long as it will come off on your finger & thus affect adhesion in that part of the grip.

Perfect for -


Skim boards

Foam boards

Learner boards

Surf Schools

Body boards

Tow boards

Rescue boards

Stand up paddle boards

Paddle boards

Wake boards

Row boats

Timber boat and fibreglass decks


Swimming Pools


 1. Thoroughly clean, removing all wax, dirt, oil, and grease from the surface area where you will be applying your VGT Traction products. For best results apply a non-oil based solvent such as mineral spirits, paint thinner, or denatured alcohol to remove any residue. Repeat process if residue persists. Rub down with a dry cloth and let dry completely. DO NOT USE SURF WAX REMOVER SOLVENTS THEY LEAVE A RESIDUE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW VT ADHESIVE TO STICK TO SURFBOARDS.

 2, Lay the tape on the board and position it to suit. Use some masking tape to hold in position. Use a pencil to mark where you want to trim it. Leave it partially taped and trim it with some sharp scissors.

 3. Unpeel the protective backing paper, exposing adhesive. Carefully place exposed adhesive edge to the stringer, and let it roll down using your finger to gently pass parallel with stringer then press down firmly.

 4. Make sure that you try to eliminate as many air bubbles as possible by smoothing down product onto the surface while applying.

 5. If you have any air bubbles - use a pin to pop them and push the bubble out.

 6. Maximize traction by cleaning the entire surface with a Cleaning agent like jif (non-abrasive cleanser) and water-using a soft scrub brush.

In the water for the first surf- don’t forget to start with there may be some grim on the tape that needs to wash off – you can rub it in the water with your hand or some sand – or it will just wear off after half an hour surfing.



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