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Eco friendly wax

All wax here is environmentally friendly wax

2B surfboard wax FOR sup handle and board

High performance eco-friendly wax

Chemical free

2 different waxes in one cake - black for the handle and yellow for the board

All temperature. Creates the perfect base for our topcoats and prolongs its performance and longevity.

2nd one half price for wax and half price for delivery

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Wax Specs:

  • All Temps
  • Non-Toxic
  • Does Not Melt in the Sun
  • 100% Organic and Biodegradable

Tree Hugger Wax

Treehugger All Natural Surf Wax has been created with the environmentally conscious surfer in mind.

Located in Lennox Head, NSW, we are a small family owned and operated business committed to producing high-quality, eco surf wax.

Every cake of wax we make is unique.  We hand make, hand pour and wrap each individual block ourselves.

Treehugger Surf Wax is a statement of sustainability without compromising performance.

☑ 100% biodegradable
☑ 100% petrochemical free
☑ No synthetic ingredients
☑ No GM products
☑ Non-toxic
☑ No palm oil
☑ Australian owned and made
☑ Sustainable and renewable ingredients where possible

Good for the surfer.
Good for the earth.
Good for future generations.