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Brush on clear deck grip - waxless

  Forget the wax and forget the melting - here is a semi permanent coating to stop the toxic wax.

This is a brush on coat that will last for over 40 surfs.

Australian made. Delivered anywhere.

What you want from your wax.

no melting

No mess in your bag or car

doesn’t get dirty

sand doesn’t stick to it

no need to reapply every surf

no rash

keep your board looking good

no need to change waxes for different temperatures

What you get from your Brush on Paint on Wax!

easy to apply with a brush just tape up and brush on

1 hour fast dry

Can wipe off with acetone or paint thinners

Will last 40 surfs

All you need is some masking tape

1 coat only - can be recoated at any time after 1 or 2 years

If a little rough on the knees just rub some wax in that area

Good looking clean board

Eco friendly compared to wax

Clear so you can see your designs and balsa wood

Quick and easy to apply

No lumps and bumps

Cheaper than wax

UV resistant

Make sure you clean your board of old wax before

Comes with a brush - all you need is some tape to tape off to create a nice clean line and maybe 10 minutes to apply.

Comes with a brush

Do not use on varnish - a wood surfboard should be glassed!

 Kit A - You will get enough for either a board up to 8ft $29

Or kit B is from 8ft to 12foot $45