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Learn to Surf on a Riley Balsawood Beginners’ Longboard

LEARN TO SURF DVD - Running time: 46 minutes

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf?

Well now you can by starting here with this easy-to-watch instructional video! Mark Riley is the owner of Riley Balsawood Surfboards Australia. His neighbour, Tania, kept asking him if he would teach her how to surf. Mark finally agreed, on the proviso that he could film the lessons. The enclosed DVD is the result.

Follow Tarn on her learn-to- surf journey, from paddling to catching the white water on her very first day in the surf to riding across the face of an unbroken wave.

With over 35 years of surfing experience, Mark's video is a one-on-one, step-by-step, learn-to-surf experience like no other that explains all the basic steps required for you to begin to surf.

The DVD covers everything from how to order a board to how to care for it and ride it. Filmed in Cronulla on the South East Coast of Sydney, Australia, the video includes shots from the shore, the water, on the board and even shots from a boat – bringing you right up close to where the action is!

Mark outlines the basics of surfing in simple, easy- to-understand steps that makes this video suitable for anyone who wants to learn to surf including kids, parents and people of all ages. Learning to surf is really about knowing the basics, then getting out there regularly in the surf to practice and improve your technique. This video equips you with the all-important basics.

This video explains and shows you:
- How to order a balsa board
- How to warm-up and do stretching before you surf
- How to paddle the board
- How to go through the waves
- How to stand on the board
- Great one-to-one explanations
- Safety tips
- Surf etiquette
- Where to and where not to surf
- Tips and tricks in and out of the water
- Includes video footage from the land, water and on-board a boat

The DVD package also includes:
- A free fitness guide
- A free nutritional guide
- A free Riley Australia sticker
- $30 Voucher to spend with Riley for orders over $500

After teaching Tania, Mark said “ Wow, what an experience – even I was stoked when Tarn was standing up. This was one of the most satisfying projects I have done – I hope many more people experience the thrill of riding a wave.” And Tania said “ This was and is a fantastic experience and sport, it is more enjoyable than I ever expected, everyone has to catch a wave at some point of their life’s”.

About Mark's Boards:
Mark's boards are very environmentally friendly. He uses recycled foam in his foam core boards and his solid balsa boards feature balsawood from South America where there is little affect on the rainforests because the trees mature so quickly. Mark's latest model, 'The Sapling', is the ideal board for beginners because it includes design features that make it easy to paddle, easy to catch waves and easy to ride. (Because a longboard is the easiest type of board to learn on, this video focuses only on longboard techniques.)

Available options: Please note that next to ordering the "learn to surf DVD" you also have the options of ordering box sets at a special price. Choose between a double box set or even a triple box set. (depending on the set you choose it includes the following: the solid instructional DVD, foam core instructional DVD and/or "how to surf" instructional DVD.

Price: $60 AUD
Price for double box set: $90 AUD either the How to make a foam core balsa board or a solid board
Price for triple box set: $110 AUD