Ebook - How to make a timber surfboard

Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards

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As an alternative to our instructional DVD we have released a detailed “How to make a balsawood surfboard” instructional ebook. 32 pages filled with a detailed step by step description of how you make a perfect balsawood surfboard. Combined with high quality, close up images of the individual steps, this ebook guarantees a successful shaping process and a self made surfboard you can be proud of. NEW: imperial and metric measurements throughout the booklet Chapters which are covered include: *WHAT YOU WILL NEED *YOUR SHAPING BAY *SELECTING THE BALSA WOOD STICKS *THE ROCKER TEMPLATE *THE GLUE-UP *THE STRINGER *THE PLAN SHAPE *ROCKER CLEAN UP *NOSE AND TAIL BLOCKS *WOOD IMPERFECTIONS *THE FINISH PLAN SHAPE *THE RAILS *FINAL SAND AND SEALER COAT *THE FINS *LEASH PLUG OR BRIDGE *GLASSING (note only - no detailed description) *OTHER HELPFUL PRODUCTS *RILEY PLANET

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