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Foam core balsa Fish

The group of fishes are a great alternative to your regular short board or longboard for the right days.

The Flying Fish

This is the new fish model, it has be tried, tested and perfected by Tom down the South Coast of NSW and here is the final product –

The FF is a EPS foam core performance fish which features stringerless flex and memory return. This can turn on a dime and drive when its required, this board is more for the average to advanced. The 2 ½’’ thickness of the board under the chest area makes this board a great wave catcher.

The Marlin

The Marlin is a EPS foam core performance fish which features our unparallel stringers. During turns, these drive the energy to the tail of the board for clean, crisp, powerful carves. The 2 ½’’ thickness of the board under the chest area makes this board a great wave catcher.

The Mackerel

This is the modern version of the retro fish. It has a little less volume with a rolled deck giving it better and tighter turns. This has a quad fin box set up that can be used as a twin also. The cedar stringers separate the stained balsa strips to represents the Striped Mackerel


• 12 month warranty - you snap it - we replace it
• The ff is as light as a regular polyurethane fish.
• It is stronger and more durable
• no stringers
• Stable buoyant EPS core
• Proven shape
• Every Riley Surfboard is hand shaped in Australia
• Swallow tail for sharp turns
• Better resale value

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

First two waves on the board were captured on film

Surfed like a dream
Was everything I expected and more - thanks Gene

We are very happy you like it

Amazing board

G’day Mark.

Received the board on Wednesday. Looks amazing, exactly what I had in my mind.

I took it out this morning in some small stuff and it went well. I had some cork grips on but think I will need wax as well.

I’ll order some from your sight, do you recommend the wax liquid or the brush on one?

Thanks again.


Thats great to hear. I like the paint on wax. check out this link -

very impressive workmanship

Greetings Mark,

Board arrived 10/5 PM to THE USA - very impressive workmanship - happy I found you on the internet - tell your shipping department; a terrific job in packing with many thanks - I will be back for more - probably a Malibu Classic or SUP. That balsa is much better than I thought it would be, In fact I think it is better than my Hobie #120, circa 1955. Well done!

Thanks again.


Your welcome John. Hope you and your grandchild get plenty of waves