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NEW Lick liquid surfboard wax eco friendly economical longlasting no rash

Now here's an innovative new eco - logical product that is right up your ally. Yes we all need to think of the environment because most of the hard wax you use is made from petrochemicals. Most of the wax you use will peel off and be floating around the oceans to cause damage to animals. So keep it green and use liquid to lick your stick and make you stick to your stick. Great for all types of surfboards. 


Lick Liquid Surf Wax is an innovative surfboard wax with the benefits compared to hard toxic wax are:
- ultra sticky wax 
- works in all air and water temperatures 
- gives absolutely no rash 
- eco friendly product 
- since it is vegetable based and contains absolutely no petrochemicals it is biodegradable

- Environmentally friendly
- no melting in your car during hot summer months

- no sand sticks to it

- goes on clear looks great

- doesn’t get dirty
- no extra weight on your surfboard 
- it is quick and easy to apply

- long lasting

- cheaper

- less weight to your board

-45 sessions or surfs per tube

-easy clean off

-no lumps and bumps to tear your skin off toes

- if you order more than one tube the next ones are free delivery in the same order.

If you do not like it it just wipes off with a little butter or vegetable oil.


To order go to

Or ask your local surf shop to get it in for you.


Necessity Surf shop 
115 Fern St
NSW - 2534


One application lasts for at least three sessions. One tube will cover 15 to 20 boards. Give it a try!


perfect for alaias Review by Tom Wegener Wegener Surfboards'I loved LICK especially for my alaia boards which are really slippery when new and I don't like putting wax on them.' (Posted on 23/04/14)real grippy Review by Paul Winter Fuyu Surfboards'It works. Have to get used to the different feeling after 50 years of wax. Feels different, grippy. Have to get used to applying it.'(Posted on 23/04/14)great on wood boards Review by Jeff Morris - Smorgasboarder NZ'I have used some Lick on my SUP, and really like it, yeah it does feel different from wax, but like all things new just needs some time to get used to it. Had a friend try it out on a recent trip to the East Coast, much the same reaction, but did like it. Has a lot going for it I think, especially on really beautiful "art & wooden boards" ' (Posted on 23/04/14)Love the wax Review by DarrenHi. Just wanted to let you know I tried your wax. It does work but when I was applying it the bottom of the tube burst. Have you had this happen before? Yes but we have fixed the problem.


(Posted on 21/04/14)Unreal Review by SteveWhat a evolution - this is the change we needed to remove that toxic wax from the industry. Thanks (Posted on 8/04/14)
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