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DVD - How to Make a Solid Balsawood Surfboard

DVD - 65 minutes

Finally an instructional DVD on how to make your own solid balsa wood surfboards is out. Sit back and relax while renowned Australian shaper Mark Riley shares his secrets of making a solid balsa wood surfboard with you. Covering everything from selecting the wood to ready for glassing, this 65min DVD won't leave a question unanswered. Free instruction booklet.

Now available electronically.

Chapters include:
1. Tools & Safety
2. Balsawood – selecting the sticks
3. Rocker template
4. The Glue up
5. Stringers
6. The Plan shape
7. Rocker Clean up
8. Nose & Tail Block
9. Wood Imperfections
10. The Finish Plan Shape
11. The Rails
12. Final Sand & Sealer Coat

The DVD also includes written instructions that take you through the process step by step.

When you purchase this DVD there will be an individual code on it. As soon as you're ready to purchase your balsa wood or blank, let us know your code and get a $30 discount!

Please note: The youtube video to the left is a trailer and contains only snap shots from the actual video – the video is filmed live and runs for 65 minutes.

Available options: Please note that next to ordering the "how to build a solid balsawood surfboard" you also have the options of ordering box sets at a special price. Choose between a double box set or even a triple box set. (depending on the set you choose it includes the following: the solid instructional DVD, foam core instructional DVD and/or "how to surf" instructional DVD.

Price for single DVD: $40 AUD
Price for double box set: $70 AUD
Price for triple box set: $100 AUD


 We still have one more sanding to do--- but this is the finished board.

Your wood is amazing. Thank you.

 We used some redwood for the nose and tail.

 I shot the photo after dark, when we finished, sorry about the lighting.

 We appreciate all your efforts to help us. 

 We never would have gotten there without your clear, detailed DVD, your patience with our questions and perfect wood.

 Thank you,

 Scott Marshall

1407 Flintridge Rd

West lake Hills, Texas



Thanks for sending the DVD express post to me yesterday (How to Make a Classic Balsa Wood Surfboard). It has convinced me that this is the project I really want to undertake.



The work and your DVD has got me very inspired!!!



Thanks David

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