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Balsa Hand Boards Planes

RILEY Balsa ECO-HANDBOARDS for the body surfer

Improve your bodysurfing with a handboard(not a handplane)!

 Riley Balsawood Surfboards have been building balsa surfboards since1996.

They have built thousands of balsa boards in Australia and have been experimenting with hand boards for the past 5 years.

Finally they are ready for the public after many years in testing.

They are made from Australian grown sustainable solid balsa with 3 cedar stringers.

They are cut, laminated, shaped and glassed in Australia.

The design has a flat deck around nose area for your stick on go pro mount.

Balsa is famous for building some of the best and most expensive surfboards around the world.

Each board is hand shaped by Mark Riley with his signature on each one.

Mark now uses the Australian balsa that is darker, hard and heavier, more suited to a handboard.

The boards are finished with a durable polyester resin and polished to a mirror finish.

They are repaired just like a normal surfboard.

The finish is more water proof and harder than a wood vanish.

The one size fits all strong rubber strap does not require adjustment.

If you are heading down the beach or heading overseas this is a lot easier to carry compared to a surfboard.

These boards give you more speed to catch a wave and lift you out of the water for better control and planning. The boards suit all types of surfers from beginners to advanced, any age and for girls who want to avoid being dumped and sliding down the wave on a close out.

Enjoy Responsibly!

 Dimensions. 12" x 81/2" x 3/4" 300mmx210mmx20mm

 Pricelist for your Handboard and accessories

Handboard                              wholesale    POA        retail       $179

Wetsuit bag                             wholesale   POA       retail       $25

Safety strap                             wholesale   POA        retail       $25

Balsawood box                       wholesale    POA       retail       $35

Fins/flippers                            wholesale    POA        retail       $67

Kit to build your own              wholesale    POA        retail       $55

Stick on go pro mount            wholesale    POA        retail       $19

Package 1

Handboard, Wetsuit bag         wholesale    POA       retail       $199


Package 2

Handboard, Balsabox             wholesale   POA        retail     $220


 Package 3

Handboard, Balsabox.wetsuit bag      wholesale    POA        retail     $230


If you add fins or strap or go pro mount to the packages above you will receive a 10% discount on these items.