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Solid Balsa Blanks - preshaped

These solid blanks are pre shaped - any rocker is possible.

This blank is solid balsa wood. We pre-shape the blank for you depending on what you are after - any size and stringer combination is possible (Fill out our custom order form -download here). The plan shape, rocker, dome on the deck and bottom will then be set when the blank arrives on your doorstep in Australia or the closest international airport. You need to finish the plan shape and rails off with a planer & sandpaper. Then cut and sand tail & nose to your liking. Do an overall finish, sand the board once more and it's ready for glassing. The time you'll need to finish the board depends on experience (approximately 4-8 hours). Check out the video below to see Mark finishing a pre-shaped shortboard blank.

This blank is best for shaping a replica board of the 50's and 60's. You can re-create a part of surfing history and explore what it was like to ride a solid balsa board.

This blank is suitable for you if you are after a new experience, not for high performance surfing.

As all our products, this blank is hand made in Australia


• Pre shaped, easy to finish off blank
• Resulting in a high quality surfboard you will enjoy forever
• made from the strongest and most durable balsa wood
• Hand shaped in Australia - quality guaranteed
• Any size and stringer combination is possible - specify what you want in the custom order form (click to download)
• solid tail and nose block extra

standard is it comes with 1 stringer - extra $70 per stringer for more than 1 stringer


Available Sizes:
Length: from 4' to 14'0''  Width: 12'' - 33'' Thickness: 2  - 5''
Type of surfer suited for: everyone
Type of waves suited for: 1' to 14'
Approx. weight of finished board: 2kgs - 12kgs
Type of construction: solid balsa wood

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