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The PRO-ready Drysuit and Wetsuit Dryer

Rock solid, portable and silent, Blawesome is a state of the art dryer, able to dry your winter Wetsuit within an hour and a Drysuit in a record time.

We are watersports lovers and engineered it for ourselves. Hundreds of backers around the world made it possible through Kickstarter.

Now everyone can enjoy a dry suit next morning, for the evening dip too.

Be better prepared than ever.

Whatever your favorite watersport is, you probably had to slip into a cold damp wetsuit on a rainy freezing morning. We know the feeling too.

Carrying a soggy wetsuit in your trunk or store it in your closet is neither something pleasant.

Fortunately, with Blawesome these are things of the past

Powerful but gentle

A powerful blower is the heart of Blawesome. It blasts 290 m3/h airflow while its 1000 w resistance warms the air.

Airflow temperature is controlled to protect your equipment. Decide whether you prefer natural air or warm air up to 32ºC / 90ºF.

Extend your equipment lifespan beyond known horizons

A wetsuit exposed to direct sunlight to dry will reduce its lifespan to less than a half. On the other hand, a wetsuit in a humid area on winter may take days to completely dry.

Get perfect drying results and protect your favorite equipment for many years using the right device.



expected lifespan

Experimental drying times you can expect for your equipment for different wetsuit thicknesses and weather conditions.


Wetsuit thickness Ambient Temp. 85ºF / 29ºC Ambient Temp. 65ºF / 18ºC Ambient Temp. 45ºF / 8ºC Requires inside out
3mm 20 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes No
4 to 5mm 45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes No
+6mm / other equipment 60 minutes 80 minutes 100 minutes Yes