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Balsa surfboard shaping set or kit

Our shaping kits start from only $400 AUD and include everything you need to shape your own balsa board (except tools*) Please note that the four or five piece balsa shaping kits are suitable for thin boards & flat rocker only - you must draw and cut your rocker on the narrower side of the timber to get the required width in the board.

You can choose between a light weight modern kit or a solid heavy classic kit.

Foam core kits include-

This surfboard kit comes with everything you need (see bottom of page) to successfully make your own lightweight, strong longboard. Suitable for beginners up to the very advanced shapers. 

Please note: Hollow boards are very difficult to make without any real benefits and they need to be well maintained and they are difficult to repair, they are also very limited to your custom shape – we only do solid and foam core!

Do you want to ride this or hang on the wall?

 If you are going to ride this and you want some sort of performance from it (even if you are a beginner) then you need to go foam core. Yes solid balsa boards were built in the 50s so they were cruisers and at that time they were lighter than solid pine or cedar or koa.

The solid boards are environmental better, but are more expensive and a bit harder to make.


The solid kit includes - 

Balsa Wood

Cedar stringer to suit board with rocker

Nose and Tail blocks

PVA glue

DVD. Building a Solid balsa board

Balsa coloured putty

100 and 60 grit sand paper.

Large and small balsa sanding blocks

Tape for bands and nose and tail blocks


Surf Magazine

Paint Brushes for glue

Pen for drawing on balsa

Disposable protective overall suit

Dust Mask


We still have one more sanding to do--- but this is the finished board.

Your wood is amazing. Thank you.

 We used some redwood for the nose and tail.

 I shot the photo after dark, when we finished, sorry about the lighting.

 We appreciate all your efforts to help us. 

 We never would have gotten there without your clear, detailed DVD, your patience with our questions and perfect wood.

 Thank you,

Scott Marshall

1407 Flintridge Rd

West lake Hills, Texas


What’s included in the Riley Foam Core Balsawood Board Kit!

This kit is the same method for making any sort of board that your imagination can create.

The following check list is what is included. Please check this when it arrives and let me know if there is something missing. Do not leave pack or glues in sun or hot cars.

Recycled EPS foam blank cut with rocker curves

2 sheets of 2.8mm laminated balsa sheets x 500mmx            mm – for deck and bottom.

4 lengths of 6mm thick solid balsa bands for rails

Perfecto glue for balsa and foam with instructions

Solid balsa tail and nose blocks

Balsa coloured putty

100 and 60 grit sand paper

Large and small balsa sanding blocks

Tape for bands and nose and tail blocks

Dust mask

3 Glue scrapers

DVD. Building a foam core balsa board

Surf Magazines

Vented leash plug with instructions and epoxy putty and resin foam tape dams

Pen for marking balsa

Vacuum Bag to suit


Texta for marking foam

Disposable protective overall suit

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I learned alot

Hey Mark,
Made it back to Colorado, thank you for the certificate and all the great pictures, and for an excellent class all around, I learned a lot!

Great job Derek, Hope you had a good trip home. Lets see what you can build in Colorado. Dont forget I am always here to help out.

real learning experience

Thx Mark!
It’s been a real learning experience, but I have enjoyed the challenge. Hope to be surfing it in 2-3 weeks.
Very interesting that you are able to mix your own putty. I am impressed with your skills and offerings. Wish we were on the same side of the world! 🤪
Take care!

Enjoy your board in the usa

Gearbox fin system is so sweet

Hi mark it's Brian here from Wollongong. Finished the board got it glasses locally and am absolutely stoked with how it came out. Can't wait to get it in the water! Every thing I needed was in the kit and your DVD was so helpful. Balsa quality is awesome and the colour of the board is amazing. Gearbox fin system is so sweet. Thanks heaps for your input and help. 👍🏽👍🏽

great setup to build

Hi Mark,
Well my board is up to the putting on the fin stage and I must say it looks rather good.
The balsa sticks you sent me were well above expectations and thanks for positioning the outer stringers for me.That was the secret to an easy build I recon..
Can you give me a price on a blank red cedar main fin with a classic Malibu design outlined on it and I will transfer the money.Send it to the same address,
Can I paint a design on it and have it fibreglassed over, if so what type of paint.I would be using primary colours and don’t won’t them to fade.


inspiration with this project

My name is Mitchell, I purchased some Balsa and Red Cedar from you to create my HSC project for my Timber Technology class. I’m writing to thank you for supplying me with what I needed in order to create a surfboard that I’ll cherish forever. I have still yet to ride this board, only because I get all the satisfaction I need just from staring at it! It’s been an adventurous journey creating such a project, but man… I’m so glad how it all came together! I ended up placing 5 out of 5500 projects, and was exhibited in the Power House Museum and ‘The Sydney timber And Woodworking Show’. Attached are some photos of the finished product. Thanks once again for your inspiration with this project!

Take it easy,