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March 26, 2019 2 min read

Kurnell is the place where Captain James Cook landed on 29 April 1770, making the first contact with the original inhabitants of the area, the Gweagal Aborigines whilst navigating his way up the East Coast of Australia on Endeavour. Captain Cook along with his crew stayed at Kurnell for a period of eight days. During their visit, they collected botanical specimens, mapped the area and tried to make contact (unsuccessfully) with the indigenous population. When Cook reported back to England he said that the land was suitable for agriculture and was lightly wooded.

Sketch below - H.D. Sporing :
Breaking Wave, Matavai Bay,Tahiti, 1769.
Detail from Purea's canoe, Tahiti, 1769.
British Museum, Add. MS 23921-23a
Printed in
Sporing in Cook:Voyages

Mark Occhilupo was born on June 16, 1966, in Kurnell and in 1999 made one of sporting’s greatest comebacks, capturing the world title at age 33.
In 2007 when Scomo took over from Bruce Baird as the Member of Parliament for Cook many people said he would go all the way. He did go all the way and is now the Prime Minister; he still calls the Port Hacking his home.

On the 30th March 2019 will be another great day! The South American Smoke N Fiesta hits Kurnell with a bang.
At 3 pm there will be a huge barby smoker that will be slowly smoking a delicious range of South American meats and chorizos for 10hours with chimichurri sauces and salads.
Wash these meats down with some Peruvian beer and other international beers. For more details on Cook at Kurnell - and to check out the barby go and see Frank at

Bring the family down to have a play in the playground and bring your dog to have a run and a swim at silver beach (dogs welcome inside on a lead).

 Mark Riley from Riley balsawood Surfboards’ will be showing how a balsa board is made with some specials on offer like half price DVDs and DIY school kits available.
You could get lucky and win a new Mazda 3 or a custom built balsa board, all it takes is a $5 raffle ticket with all the proceeds to go to the Elouera nippers. 

If you are interested in buying tickets on line -


If that wasn't enough to take in then wait to you hear Ben Lawes playing his acoustic covers. For more info go to

After night falls you can dust off the dance shoes and sway to the Latin percussions of Cumbia Muffin until late. Check out these guys at -


This all happens at Cook at Kurnell - 308 Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell New South Wales 2231 Phone 0410602062
Cook At Kurnell -