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February 06, 2024 2 min read


 Riley Balsawood in Italy

Finally, we have some 150kg/m3 balsa in stock in Italy. We have been working on this shipment for years. Europe is ahead of the pack with the development of eco-friendly surfboards. At Riley Australia, we have been importing and building boards in Sydney for over 25 years. We have been sending balsa to single retail customers but the freight was expensive. This is why we loaded a container and sent it directly there.

This is how it was done:

The 4-year-old trees have been selected at the end of their life, cut, dried and dressed to suit the surfboard industry and the movie-making industry for their breakaway set builders. The balsa has been received by a long-time friend who started shaping in Australia 9 years ago. His name is Michele Vallenari from
He can cut the wood to size, build a solid blank, or build a hollow blank for you. He can even build a finished glassed and polished board the way it was built in the 50s.
The balsa is in Verona and can be packed and shipped all around Europe. Send an email to with your requirements and he can build you a custom quote.
He can help you with your build and supply you with photos and videos on WhatsApp. The support is always here. He has instructions, videos and DVDs to help you be a stand-alone shaper.
This balsa averages at 150kg/m3 this is the best material for your eco-friendly boards,. This will give you flex, feather feel, and ease of bending and building your boards. Wait to you try it! What a difference!
The stick sizes will vary from 60 mm x 60 mm up to 200 x 90 mm in section sizes.
They are graded so if you are on a budget we can supply something that suits you.
With lengths ranging from 1m up to 3.6m, that means no joins this with increase the structural strength of a board by 100%. No joins no worries!

We are here to help you guys get started with this fantastic product and open your eyes to lighter boards in Europe that have been tried and tested for over 25 years by Riley, but balsa has been used worldwide for 70 years.
Guys who still use this in Australia - Outer Islands Surfboards, Dick Van Straalen, Sam Egan, Pieter Surfboards,

Great for set for movie making and year 12 students for their final year projects.
For more info Email -