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December 07, 2016 2 min read

Christmas Presents for the Adventurers to PNG.

If you are thinking about going over to PNG with Mark in March! 

If you sign up in December for the trip you will get a free 6 months Coastal Watch Plus subscription/ Surfing Life Subscription from World Surfaris

Check out the locals surfing on their flitches - its amazing to watch

If you wanted to know more about this trip there is more info here at the Riley web site

World Surfaris have done an exceptional job in putting this trip together, if you want to contact them click here Steve will help you out with any enquiries.

If you are Australian you do not need visas prior to going.

To get a feel for what you can expect check out this video by Ian Hamilton from Lime Light Studios

For anything surfing and PNG check out this link - PNG Tourism Promotion Authority
Travel with Mark to PNG and surf, dive and fish in unspoilt paradise and build a balsa board with the locals.

RIP Ron Cansdell

Sadly Ron passed on 25th November to illness. I had only just met Ron a few months ago when he wanted to replicate a 10 foot balsa board like what he built in 57. I was astounded at the skill he still had in his condition. He cut and glued and shaped this board while not being able to walk it was an amazing feat.

I was cuffed to be able to glass this board = it is now proudly handing in Ron's sons house David, which will be a great reminder of the great man.


How fitting the closing music was from one of Ron's favourite group - The Carpenters.

Rest in Peace Mate! All the best to Fran, David and Annie.