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Ebook - How to make a timber surfboard

As an alternative to our instructional DVD we have released a detailed “How to make a balsawood surfboard” instructional ebook. 32 pages filled with a detailed step by step description of how you make a perfect balsawood surfboard. Combined with high quality, close up images of the individual steps, this ebook guarantees a successful shaping process and a self made surfboard you can be proud of. NEW: imperial and metric measurements throughout the booklet Chapters which are covered include: *WHAT YOU WILL NEED *YOUR SHAPING BAY *SELECTING THE BALSA WOOD STICKS *THE ROCKER TEMPLATE *THE GLUE-UP *THE STRINGER *THE PLAN SHAPE *ROCKER CLEAN UP *NOSE AND TAIL BLOCKS *WOOD IMPERFECTIONS *THE FINISH PLAN SHAPE *THE RAILS *FINAL SAND AND SEALER COAT *THE FINS *LEASH PLUG OR BRIDGE *GLASSING (note only - no detailed description) *OTHER HELPFUL PRODUCTS *RILEY PLANET


 We still have one more sanding to do--- but this is the finished board.

Your wood is amazing. Thank you.

 We used some redwood for the nose and tail.

 I shot the photo after dark, when we finished, sorry about the lighting.

 We appreciate all your efforts to help us. 

 We never would have gotten there without your clear, detailed DVD, your patience with our questions and perfect wood.

 Thank you,


Scott Marshall

1407 Flintridge Rd

West lake Hills, Texas


Customer Reviews

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John P
Should I do it for myself?

I wanted to determine whether or not I could build a board. Reading the well laid out e-book I think I can. But would it be better to enrol for a hands on supervised build and get assistance from the expert? Maybe some time in Cronulla is called for but might check out the CD package first!

Thats great John, yes you could come and build a board, but also if you do just buy the kit that I am always here to help or ask questions. The dvd or digetal video will give you some better insight into the build. Let me know what you want to do,