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décembre 18, 2022 2 lire la lecture

Riley Balsa
Spring has arrived in Australia
Spring is here with a vengeance! After a few days of rain, the weather once again is heading to another dry sunny patch (it's going to be a dangerous fire season in Australia this summer - take precautions now). To all the Virgos get out there and amongst it. 
Congratulations to 29-year-old Owen Wright from Culburra (NSW south coaster) for knocking off Brazillian Gabriel Medina in the Tahiti Pro last week in the last 2 minutes.
Riley Australia has just launched a new web site - check it out for heaps of new products like 
Max and his Fish
Max from Kingsgrove High has excelled with his HSC project for 2019. We are waiting for the results. Build your own board below button
Luke and his gun mini mal
Luke has carved out a solid semi gun for his project and is loving riding it before the markings come in. Check out these kits below.
10ft SUP
This 10ft x 31" x 4.5" balsa SUP was a custom order for Ningaloo Reef in WA. Its weight was 9kgs with hand made cedar handle and fin.
Hex Grip Tape
The Hexagonal deck grip gives it style, grip, eco friendly and no wax will melt in the hot North WA
Rail tape
Rail tape now available for your SUP. You can even use it on your nipper board or your racing mal around the nose or tail to protect it from scatches and chips.
Spanish For Travellers website
Have you ever wanted to visit South America? And wanted to speak the language? Now there is a great website for books and lessons.
Paint on Grip
Check out this fish with ugly messy wax in the centre of the board and Paint on grip on the tail. For more info click the button below

Thanks Mark Riley
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