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Travelling Sales rep Appointments in Europe 2024 to buy balsa wood

Dear Shapers, We will have a sales rep on the road in Europe in the next few months. Please take a look at the dates below to see if he is coming near you to drop in and show you some balsawood.

He will be taking orders for wood and also talking to you about organising a shapers day for Mark to come over from Australia to do some shaping classes if you are interested in seeing how Mark has made his boards in Australia for the past 26 years. He is looking for partners to build boards and leverage the Riley name to help you sell more boards.


Email to see if we can see you on our travels.

Some of the features of Balsawood

Fast growing trees – 4 years to mature

Every board made plants another 5 trees

Balsawood stores carbon

More flex than any other wood

More than half the weight to Paulownia

Only 150kg/m3

Surfboards were made in the 50’s from balsa

High performance boards made from balsa

Bigger section sizes

Less glue joints

Less wear on tools

Easier sanding

Easier bending


Good for set building for movies

Dates in 2024 and locations - email to make your appointment

France –18 June to 26 June 24

Spain – 27 June to 9 July

Portugal – 10 July to 18 July

Spain – 19 July to 2 August

Italy – 3 August to 17 August

Switzerland – 18 August to 22 August

Belgium – 25 August to 27 August

England – 28 August to 31 August

Ireland – 1 Sep to 4 Sep

Scotland – 5 Sep to 8 Sep

Sweden – 9 Sep to 10 Sep

Norway – 11 Sep to 12 Sep

Denmark – 13 Sep to 14 Sep

Netherlands – 15 Sep to 17 Sep

Germany – 18 Sep to 29 Sep

Spain – 30 Sep to 4 Oct

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