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Shark eyes

Shark Eyes is a family of like minded individuals who share a deep connection to the ocean and its culture.
We are humbled by our experiences at the mercy of the elements and appreciative of all life in the water. With the understanding that nature cannot be overpowered, we strive for a mutual harmony that will ensure future generations have the same opportunities to connect with wild nature that we do today.
It's a belief that the ocean is the ultimate proving ground for one to challenge themselves, whatever their chosen discipline. Where ego has no place and all are welcome.
It began with our eyespots, replicating natures very own defense mechanism but now we are proud to offer an expanded range of premium quality products tailored to dedicated watermen and women. Our eco-conscious Hybrid Range of limestone-based wetsuits provide an innovative, zero-compromise solution that meets the requirements of both surfers and divers.
Designed and proven in south-west Australia. 
Built to last.

Delivery worldwide: Approx. delivery time is between 1 day and 2 weeks - depending on stock and location

Shark Eyes UV/water resistant, Australian made, high-tac vinyl durable shark repellent sticker. Recommended shark deterrent application to all watercraft ie surfboard, bodyboard, SUP, kite surf boards, kayak, canoe, dive tanks etc. Please note the bigger the sticker the better the deterrent!

Sticker dimensions are: 

Small (210x64mm)

Medium (300x91mm)

Large (420x128mm)

Note: will only stick to hard, flat, clean surfaces. Not recommended for plastic or rubber fins