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Long grain sheet balsa wood - 4mm thick, price per sheet

Long grain balsa comes from Ecuador, Papua New Guinea and Australia, any section sizes are possible. Please email your requirements for a quote to 

These sheets are good for hollow wood board construction.

Stringers can be added to give more wow factor and a bit more strength.

Sheets available from 1m to 3.3m long if required.

Other thicknesses available on request.

We offer a first quality balsa and a second quality balsa wood. Our trees are sourced from sustainable farms  where the climate allows the tree to grow to its full height within 3-6 years. We are the only importer of large section sizes of balsa wood in Australia, some sections are (200mmx80mmx4.0metres) and we are glad to cut any size you might need.

Balsa sticks are the best quality, largest section sizes, dressed the 2 widest faces, some natural curve in the sticks(if you require straight and dressed a particular size please email). If you require something unusually big we have the facilities to cut, mill, sand, laminate and glue the balsa to your specifications. Please note: •Prices shown are for one piece •Special sizes available on request •If ordering more than 5 pieces a discount will apply •End grain balsa sheets •Side grain balsa sheets •Strip balsa sheets •Stick balsa •Sheet balsa Delivery worldwide: Approx. delivery time is between 1 day and 2 weeks - depending on stock and location

Our state-of-the-art kilns enables our excellent time-to-kiln practices so our balsa wood core comes with no drying defects and the correct moisture content, optimizing our process and overall quality.

 It has remarkable physical properties, starting with its outstanding strength-to-weight ratios (high shear and compression strength).
Additionally, balsa wood is easy to bond when using any type of resin or adhesive. Balsa also serves as a natural insulator, fire retardant, and noise reduction material. Working with balsa is easy as it can handle changes in temperature and high chemical resistance (including styrene).
All these advantages make our balsa an ideal core material in a sandwich construction. Balsa is also an all-natural product and a renewable resource.

Rainforest Alliance according to FSC Chain of Custody standards.

Rigid Sheets

Balsa Core Kits

Balsa Grades Avg. Density
Ultra Lite (UL) 7 Lbs./ft³
Standard Grade (SG) 10 Lbs./ft³
Heavy Weight (HW) 12 Lbs./ft³
Pith Grade (PG) Random Density

Standard Dimensions
Width:  (500mm)
Length:  (500mm)
Thicknesses: from 1/8"=3mm to 4" = 100mm

These can be rough sawn or dressed.

Price on application - email with your specs.

Some of our customers love the end grain


Instrument cases

Wall linings for structural 4 wheel drives